YOUSWITCH is a revolutionary NEW PLAYER made to watch LIVE or VOD events on Internet and television. Based on a unique patented technology, YOUSWITCH video player is the only technology to provide perfectly SYNCHRONIZED MULTI-ANGLE streams of video to the Internet, Tablets and Televisions.     

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The future of television

Our mission is to make MULTI-ANGLE technology the new standard for the ultimate viewing experience. As SD, HD and 3D, MULTI-ANGLE content will be recognized as the next generation standard for video consumption. To achieve this, YOUSWITCH will put all its resources to facilitate the creation, the distribution and the delivery of MULTI-ANGLE content.

Be part of the youSwitch revolution!

VOD and LIVE content distributors, system integrators and technical service providers have the opportunity to launch their new line of products and services with MULTI-ANGLE technology.  Our teams are there to supply you with all you need to be part of the YOUSWITCH revolution. Be part of all this by accessing this patented technology.

Canada No. 2,282,877, dated 06/11/2008,and US No. 12/282,743, dated 9/12/2008, . Europe No. EP08757226,9-1241, dated 06/11/2008